Sliced Library

Project for Architectural Design 5

Municipal Library of Patras, Greece

5th Semester, February 2011

Individual Work
Supervisor: Dimitrios Giannisis

The project regards the design of the municipal library of Patras. The chosen area is next to the city center, in a field where linearity is observed due to the geometry of it and to some existing structures. This observation led to the design of a sliced library in order to annihilate this intense linearity.
The given area is divided in stripes vertical to its main axis. These stripes too are divided in parts in order to create non-linear subspaces of different qualities even in the same stripe. These divided stripes lead to the shaping of the individual necessary spaces of the library as well as the open-air parts.
Each building compartment is made out of a Π shape of structural concrete that gives the idea of a sliced volume while it enables the inner space to be conceived as a whole, with the absence of additional walls. Some extra volumes are placed vertically to these slices in order to make movement in the library more smooth and unite the different parts of the building both visually and functionally.
Each stripe has different dimensions from those next to it and is placed on a different level. The main space of the library, where the majority of the books is displayed, is divided in parts, according to the content of the books, that are united by an elevated central alley that enables movement between and fusion of the diverse spaces.
Finally, despite the building’s and functions’ segmentation a sense of union among the different uses that are taking place inside the building is achieved.

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