>July 2016

Paper presentation at PLEA 2016 conference on Cities, Buildings, People: Towards Regenerative Environments, Los Angeles, CA. You can find my paper on Water-Smart Urban Design here.

>January 2016

Joined Neumann Sloat Arnold Architects team to work on iconic restoration and waterproofing projects in California and Hawaii.

>December 2015

Graduated from the University of Oregon with a M.S. in Architecture.

> June-August 2015                                                                                        

Architectural Internship at Ghafari Associates in Chicago, IL where I worked on large-scale international and domestic aviation projects.

> April 2015

Poster presentation on Water-smart Urban Design at the Hydrophiles Water Research Symposium, Corvallis OR hosted by the Oregon State University.

> March-June 2015

Graduate Teaching Fellow, Architectural Context, leading interesting discussion sessions with two groups of 20 brilliant undergraduate students.

> January-March 2015

Worked on the construction of an affordable residence in Eugene, OR with OregonBILDS, University of Oregon.

working on the roof trusses

> September-December 2014

Graduate Teaching Fellow, ARCH 201: Introduction to Architecture

> March 2014

Presented the conclusions of my research thesis at the IWA Regional Symposium on Water,
Wastewater and the Environment: Traditions and Culture in Patras, Greece

> February 2014

Terminal studio project presentation: Aqua-sition on Milos

Center for environmental water awareness on the Aegean island of Milos, Greece.


> 2013

Undergraduate projects featured on :

– :

– University of Patras, Department of Architecture’s portfolio:

last edited: 10/12/15

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